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the fastest wordpress cache plugin

SuperFast Cache, the WordPress cache plugin

SuperFast Cache, is the fast php cache controller for your WordPress blogs and is a WordPress plugin.

To get the best caching performance for the SuperFast Cache, run it with The Bad Bot Exterminator Pro version. By its self this PHP cache controller gives you about 25% to 35% improvement in your web page download times. This is because it is a controller.

An extra turbo boost of the speed up is achieved with the Bad Bot Exterminator Pro built-in accelerator. When the Bad Bot Exterminator Pro, which has the cache php accelerator, runs with the SuperFast Cache plugin, the web page speed performance goes into hyperdrive. Your page speed performance will be about 2 to 3 times faster. That is a phenomenal boost to your website speed performance as together they make a super fast cache system.

This performance boost is achieaved as PHP caching and PHP accelerators work by saving the compiled PHP code to avoid parsing and compiling source code overheads every time.

The SuperFast Cache consist of two modules

To enhance the performance and push the download speeds into hyper drive, I broke the SuperFast Cache into two modules.

1. the SuperFast Cache Controller - the php caching software
2. the Cache Accelerator built into The Bad Bot Exterminator Pro version.

The SuperFast Cache module was developed as a dedicated cache controller and is a WordPress plugin. In order to simplify the operations, this controller only caches WordPress Posts and not the WordPress Pages. You can enable and disable caching of all posts or indivdual posts. You can also set different posts to different caching periods. That is some can be set to 5 minutes and others to one month or more.

The Bad Bot Exterminator Pro is the Firewall Shield that protects your web sites from hackers, bad bots, scrappers, scanners, trouble makers and DDoS attacks. The accelerator was incorporated into it. Furthermore, with our new technology, cached pages, in general, are more difficult to hack.

Caching & PHP Acceleration of WordPress web page speeds

gtmetrix result shows webpage speed up greatly improved

The results shown above were recorded in 2014 on a Reseller Panel hosting site. Faster hosting services will show lesser performance improvement.

A shocking page speed improvement

As you can observe the performance report above with our SuperFast Cache Controller, there is a web page download speed improvement of about 25% as the page download speed dropped from 12.02 seconds to 8.96 seconds. Once the SuperFast Cache Accelerator in the Bad Bot Exterminator Pro was activated the page download time improved to 4.32 seconds. That is a performance improvement of x2.78 or the speeded up of the web page download time took 36% of the original download time. That is a phenomenal web page speed improvement. The combination is the fastest caching system for WordPress blogs.

Let me explain that again. To get blazing speed improvements we incorporated a SuperFast Cache Accelerator into the Bad Bot Exterminator Pro. When both, the cache controller & the accelerator, are activated, you will see amazing improvement in web pages speeds because the Bad Bot Exterminator Pro's built-in Cache Accelerator goes into hyperdrive in the presence of the Cache Controller. The combination of the two modules gives wonderful performance boost to your website page speeds.

Furthemore, you have an added advantage which is the Bad Bot Exterminator Pro is not only accelerating your web pages, it is at the same time protecting your website from hackers, bad bots and DDOS attacks.

cache performance table

Get very fast page download speed by installing both, the Cache Controller and the built-in Cache Accelerator in Bad Bot Exterminator Pro the Firewall Shield.

Accelerate you WordPress webpages at the heavily discounted price of only US$ 28.00 instead of US$50/- for now. It is a One Time License Fee with no annually recurring fees. Enjoy a 30 Day money back guarantee from the date of purchase. Isn't that Great?


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