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WordPress attack protection

Software developer Dr. Peter Achutha

Has your WordPress website been hacked? Do you have WordPress security issues? Are there too many bots bothering your website? Do you need to protect your WordPress content?

In May 2020, alone I had more bots than real visitors for my financial blog which is one of my non WordPress websites.
Table of Visitors:

Number of Mobile Visitors:1,1271.49%
iPad visitors:300.04%
Tablet visitors:120.02%
Web crawled pages:4,8116.37%
Bot crawled pages:43,78057.93%
Pages visited by others:26,98435.70%

I tell you it is really a miserable time when you find out that those bots were actually hackers trying to attack your website.

The pain of finding a good backup to restore your site is bad as may websites backups cannot be restored. This is to do with the database backups not working properly. I have reported about a PHP ziparchive bug and I am planning to report this database backup issue to the authorities soon.

Worst still if you don't restore your site within a reasonable time Google will downgrade your ranking and you will begin to loose readers and customers.

Classifying visitors

One of the ways we protect your site is by classifying visitors.

Software developer Dr. Peter Achutha

Please see the attached visitor counts per webpage for the month of April 2021 for another of my non-WordPress custom PHP blog - similar version of the Bad Bot Exterminator. In the tables displayed 'Visitors' are real people, 'Crawlers' are search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Google,... etc and 'Bots' are other programs copying out the webpages and potential hackers. Unfortunately, many bots visit all my sites and copy my articles. I know this because of the stats generated by the Bad Bot Exterminator. Is your site visited by bots or by real visitors? Do your earn anything from visiting bots? I think not as they came to copy your work so that their owners can earn your money.

How to protect wordpress website from hackers and bad bots

I learned about hackers the hard way and developed the Bad Bot Exterminator to protect my WordPress website from hackers. Do note that the Bad Bot Exterminator is not a WordPress seurity plugin. Built into the Bad Bot Exterminator is a powerful anti hacking engine to protect WordPress site from hackers and a unique algorithm to detect pesky bots. It has lightning fast defences against hackers as it knows how to block hackers. This means hackers find it very difficult to overload your server to crash it. Its proprietary anti hacking engine lowers your CPU usage when under attack so your visitors won't notice that your website is being attacked.

You should protect your WordPress websites from security hackers with this impenetrable shield. It took me about seven years, more than 2555 days to research, develop and test this powerful firewall to protect WordPress websites.

There is nothing like WordPress hacking prevention

The Bad Bot Exterminator really saved my website form hackers and bad bots. I tell you back then between 2011 and 2013 my WordPres website was hacked so many times I thought I had to give up blogging. After I began to use the Bad Bot Exterminator Pro I could track who my visitors were and block all those hackers and bad bots. Today I don't worry about what the hackers are trying to do to my website because the Bad Bot Exterminator Pro prevents hackers for destroying my website. For me the Bad Bot Exterminator Pro has become a one stop center to view, manage and block visitors, hackers and bots.

DoS & DDoS protection

DoS is denial of service and DDoS is Distributed Denial of Service. Hackers use a DoS or DDoS attack on your site so that your server is overloaded and cannot show your webpages to your visitors. The bests security tip I can give you is to use the Bad Bot Exterminator for WordPress attack protection. This firewall has been very effective at shielding against DoS & DDoS attacks.

block botnet ddos attack

Never have to worry about hackers

"You will never again have to worry about hackers attacking your sites as they will be squashed out of existence from your websites."

Awstats showing 45,000 attacks in one day

Sharp drop in CPU usage that prevents server crashes

Bad Bot Exterminator lowers CPU usage when server under attack

Upon installing the Bad Bot Exterminator there was a drop in server CPU usage because a lot of bad bots were blocked from my site. This shows that it makes it very difficult for hackers to crash my site using DoS or DDoS attacks. You should be able to see much CPU usage performance improvement when you use both the Bad Bot Exterminator Pro with our SuperFast Cache plugin.

Password protect your wordpress site without plugin and block those brute login attempts

There are many dangerous hackers who hate beautiful websites and will try anything to damage your websites. From personal experience I found out that almost all hackers will try brute force logins to login into your WordPress website and corrupt the contents of your posts or worse still, to insert malicious malware that silently damages your website. Protect your wordpress from malware. There are two ways to protect yourself from them.

1. Both versions of the Bad Bot Exterminator have a unique LOCK feature that stops all attempts to login. This is the best way to block all brute force login attempts and it is the first step towards protecting your WordPress site from malware insertion

2. Always use a crack proof password for your WordPress website. You can create easy to remember long passwords that can take millions of years to break. That is because the Bad Bot Exterminator password protects wordpress site without plugin.

You can password protect entire wordpress site from malware.

WordPress website speed test tools

There are many excellent website testing tools to optimize your WordPress webpage speed and performance. For example pingdom.com and gtmetrix.com can teach you what is causing your slow web page loading.

The Bad Bot Exterminator Pro now includes Speed Test option to show how fast or slow your webpages are. It focuses on the time it takes to download your website page from your server to your PC. It will show your PHP execution time and your browser download time. This is very useful when you are trying to squeeze out every bit of performance from your WordPress sites.

Versatile visitor tracking system

There is a very versatile visitor tracking system in the Bad Bot Exterminator Pro firewall. You can view your visitors on a daily basis. This will indcate how many times he has visited your site for the day.

Software developer Dr. Peter Achutha

You can search through the records to find out:-

  1. how many times a particular has visited your site.
  2. how many times a particular webpage was viewed.
  3. which referrer is bringing in the most visitors - to know advertisments or SEO is bring in visitors and which is the best.
  4. a combination of characteristics of visitors. for example a particular webpage and mobile users.
  5. you can view how many of your visitors are bots and how many used PC, tablets, iPads and mobile devices.

Very useful features for bloggers, entrepreneurs, web masters, advertisers.

Installation Notes

The Bad Bot Exterminator is not a plugin but a program that runs in parallel to WordPress. Install it as a separate program from WordPress and install our additional plugin, dpabadbotwp, so that there is communication between WordPress and the Bad Bot Exterminator.

  1. Back up all your files and directories and the database first. This is to ensure that if you did something wrong you can restore the previous installation and keep your site running. I give this advice to everyone even when they are upgrading WordPress or installing a new plugin.
  2. Before you install the Bad Bot Exterminator please deactivate your WordPress security plugins as these plugins may complain a lot.
  3. I would advise you, if you have installed a limit login plugin, to keep that plugin - no need to deactivate it.
  4. Install the helper plugin and read the docs: dpaBadBotWP WordPress plugin. This WordPress Plugin, dpabadbotwp, is very important. It passes information to the Bad Bot Exterminator about the status of the WordPress website and that is why it is very important to install it in your WordPress site. This plugin can be installed by downloading the plugin to your PC and uploading to your website or by login into the WordPress Control Panel (Dashboard), going to add plugins menu and search for 'dpabadbotwp' plugin.
  5. Upload the Bad Bot Exterminator zip file to your WordPress directory. That is the directory that contains ./wp-admin, ./wp-content & ./wp-includes sub-directories.
  6. Once uploaded here, unzip the file there and it will automatically create a subdirectory .../dpabadbot.
block botnet ddos attack

For example if you have installed your WordPress site at
then you can execute the Bad Bot Exterminator by running

Please read the installation document before attempting the installation. The videos were done for a previous version of the Bad Bot Exterminator Pro but they are still explanatory and useful.

Features of the Bad Bot Exterminator

Get the BBE (Bad Bot Exterminator) while the price is still low.

Ease of Use
Installation Installation: It is not complicated and does not need to be installed as part of your server Linux operating system. Just treat it as another program to be uploaded into your server. It is very easy to install and use. Upload the emailed .zip file into your server and unzip it. Then install the recommended plugins.
Technical Technical: You do not have to be a technical person and you do not need to know how to program. Just answer a few simple questions during setup.
Videos Videos: Help video available
Multiuser Multiuser: Yes, the Bad Bot exterminator can be used on multi user sites

Powerful Security and Anti Hacking Features
Lock Feature Lock Feature: You can lock up your WordPress site so that no one can log in. Brute force login hackers have failed after years of trying.
block hackers Block Hackers: Blocks all hackers to your WordPress website. It can also block unknown bots and hackers too. This means that those bots that will be developed in the future can be blocked too.
differentiates Differentiates
Real Visitors
Differentiate between real visitors and bots.
block by name Block by Name: Specify the name of the bot to be blocked
block by IP address Block by IP address: Many bots are cunning and that is why we block bad bots and hackers by an IP address or a range of IP addresses.
allow good bots Allow Good Bots: Yes, you can keep a white list of allowed good bots.
automated Automated: Every thing is automated for you and you do not have to do a thing. Just tell the Bad Bot Exterminator what type of website you are running and either take the default settings or customise it for your site.
DDos attakcs DDoS attacks: One of the best features is that the Bad Bot Exterminator is very effective against DDoS attacks. Most your visitors would not notice that your website is under a DoS or DDoS attack.
bot & proxies Bots & Proxies: Can now block bots and or proxies and or web crawlers.
cross scripting Cross scripting: Some types of cross scripting are blocked.
Visitor Stats Visitor Stats: Yes there are useful visitor statistics. You can see which of your web pages have the most visitors, by day, by month or for the whole year. That will give you an idea of what your visitors like.
referral stats Referral Stats: Yes there are referral statistics. If you are advertising and promoting your website on other sites or even Google Adwords, the referral statistics will show you who is bringing the most traffic to your site. The stats are shown by day, by month and for the whole year.
referral stats Security Levels: We have made it even easier to use with the Pro Version. There are 3 security levels :- Strict, Medium & Lenient. Strict and Medium levels are more stict on visitors but will only block bad bots for a day. The Lenient level is more lenient on visitors but keeps records of them and will block bad bots for 6 months or more.

Exciting new feature
Speed Testing
Speed Test Speed Test: It is wonderful, this new feature. You can now test the speed of your WordPress webpages. Amazing isn't it. This means you can pick and choose whether a particular theme or plugin is good for your website.

Get our ebook: 'Making Life Difficult For Hackers'

The SuperFast Cache WordPress plugin is included when purchasing the Bad Bot Exterminator Pro

We found this product to be so effective that we are planing to raise the price by US$10 per month to US$ 150/- by December 2021. For a short period of time, we are offering it at a very low initial price so that many bloggers could benefit from it.

Today I have peace of mind as I do not worry about whether my website is down or is it being attacked savagely. Let the hackers try what they want to do as the Bad Bot Exterminator is there to protect my WordPress website from hackers and nuisance bad bots. And I can track who is trying to attack my website and can block them.

Protect Your WordPress Websites at the heavily discounted price of only US$ 85. In Nov-21 the price will be US$ 95/-. It is a One Time License Fee with no annually recurring fees. Enjoy a 30 Day money back guarantee from the date of purchase. Isn't that Great?
Make sure you purchase your copy now as the price will go up by US$10 every month.
Included is the SuperFast Cache WordPress plugin for now


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