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Free Download of the Bad Bot Exterminator anti hacking firewall for WordPress

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As of today 2018/06/27, it took me more than 1,550 days to research, develop and test a firewall to protect my WordPress website the Bread Diaries from hackers and bad web crawlers. The Bad Bot Exterminator is a PHP firewall shield that blocks hackers when they attack you WordPress website.

It is truly an original piece of work that has been tested over and over again. My God, it was really effective against many hackers from Russia, China, Moldova, Turkey, Germany, France, Ukraine, USA and Canada.

Being a WordPress blogger myself, http://bachutha.com, I was hoping that if I could get tens of thousands of visitors to my web site each day I could generate lots of advertising revenue. So I focused on writing good & original articles and used as much of the latest SEO techniques. Having no job I was on a tight budget and looked for free offers and advice that could help me improve my website ranking. It was truly a difficult time for me.

Then the hackers appeared at my web site and destroyed my sites, http://bachtha.com & http://www.drpetersnews.com, a few times. It was very demoralizing and I wondered whether I should get a real job or stay with my blogging dreams. No one could help me and no one could advise me. That was when I decided to focus my efforts on developing a firewall to block hackers and to protect my WordPress site. It had to stop hackers from logging into my WordPress site and blacklist hackers without blocking web crawlers like Google, Yahoo & Bing. That was a challenge. I must warn you that currently, when I was almost completing this product the staff at one of my hosting service providers are attacking my site - just a warning as it can happen to you too.

How to prevent hackers from hacking your WordPress website

Fast forward, five and a half years later, after many upgrades, I had developed a powerful anti-hacking firewall for WordPress websites. This is not a WordPress plugin. It runs in parallel with WordPress and monitors website activity. It is called the Bad Bot Exterminator. I made two versions of this program.

  1. The Bad Bot Exterminator Free Version
  2. The Bad Bot Exterminator Pro

So many of you now have a choice as to which version you can use to block hackers of your WordPress web sites. The free version is for bloggers to test out the Bad Bot Exterminator before upgrading to the Pro version. If you are on a very tight budget you can use the free version indefinitely.

The free version has less features than the Pro version. If you like to analyze the activities of your web site and want free upgrades, then it would be better to get the Pro version. The main differences are :-

  1. Minimal historical data kept to ensure good automatic house keeping on your website servers.
  2. No data on visitor statistics - visitor stats are very useful for checking which is your most popular and least popular web pages. This can be a good indication of what your readers are looking for.
  3. No data on referral statistics - referral stats are very useful to observe which site is bringing you referrals especially if you are advertsing your site. You will see which advertisment is bringing in the readers to your site.
  4. Some differences in the proprietary anti-hacking engine.
  5. Security Level in the Free version is 'STRICT'. The Pro version allows 'STRICT', 'MEDIUM' & 'LENIENT' security levels.
  6. The Pro version can run with the SuperFast Cache WordPress plugin. The free version does not have the accelerator to improve the performance of the SuperFast Cache plugin for WordPress.
  7. Future upgrades will be carried out on the Pro version only.

DoS & DDoS protection

DoS is denial of service and DDoS is Distributed Denial of Service. Hackers use a DoS or DDoS attack of your site so that your server is overloaded and cannot show your webpages to your visitors. This firewall has been very effective at anti DDoS protection of your blogs. Honestly, the bests security tip I can give you is to use the Bad Bot Exterminator for wordpress attack protection.

block botnet ddos attack
block botnet ddos attack
block botnet ddos attack

Features of the Bad Bot Exterminator

WordPress attack protection

Built into both versions of the Bad Bot Exterminator is a powerful anti hacking engine that shields your WordPress website from hackers.

How to stop login attempts wordpress

There are many unscrupulous hackers who hate good websites and will try anything to damage your websites. Many hackers will try brute force logins to login into your word press website and corrupt the contects of your posts or to insert malware that silently damages your website. There are two ways to protect yourself from them.

1. The Bad Bot Exterminator has a LOCK feature that blocks all attempts to login. This is the best way that blocks all brute force login attempts and becomes the first step towards protecting your wordpress site from malware insertion

2. Use a crack proof password for your WordPress website. These are long passwords that can take millions of years to break. I wrote a comprehensive article on creating crack proof passwords. Please refer to the article.

Installation Notes

  1. Back up all your files and directories and the database first. This is to ensure that if you did something wrong you can restore the previous installation and keep your site running. I give this advice to everyone even when they are upgrading WordPress or installing a new plugin.
  2. Before you install the Bad Bot Exterminator please deactivate your WordPress security plugins as these plugins may complain a lot.
  3. I would advise you, if you have installed a limit login plugin, to keep your plugin - no need to deactivate it.
  4. Install the helper plugin and read the docs: dpaBadBotWP WordPress plugin. This WordPress Plugin is very important. It passes information to the Bad Bot Exterminator about the status of the WordPress website and that is why it is very important to install it in your WordPress site. This plugin can be installed by downloading the plugin to your PC and uploading to your website or by login into the WordPress Control Panel (Dashboard), going to add plugins menu and search for 'dpabadbotwp' plugin.
  5. Upload the Bad Bot Exterminator zip file to your WordPress directory. That is the directory that contains ./wp-admin, ./wp-content & ./wp-includes sub-directories.
  6. Once uploaded here, unzip the file there and it will automatically create a subdirectory .../dpabadbot.
block botnet ddos attack
block botnet ddos attack
block botnet ddos attack

For example if you have installed your WordPress site at
then you can execute the Bad Bot Exterminator by running

Please read the installation document before attempting the installation. The videos were done for a previous version of the Bad Bot Exterminator Pro but they are still explanatory and useful for the Free Version.

The Bad Bot Exterminator Free Version

The Free version is for you to test out the Bad Bot Exterminator before purchasing the Pro version. Before you download the Free version please do register your name and email address with us so that we can inform you of many exciting developments and support you if you have any questions. We may send you some newsletters of more developments and upgrades and about other products. The newsletter would not be that frequent, probably only a few times per year.

You can download the free version here:-

Get the Bad Bot Exterminator Free Version

Get our ebook 'Making Life Difficult For Hackers'. It explains how to protect your WordPress blog using the .htaccess file. Good for all WordPress bloggers.

Purchasing the Bad Bot Exterminator Pro

We found this product to be so effective that we were considering selling it US$69/- but we launched it a low initial price so that many bloggers could benefit from it.

Protect Your WordPress Websites at the heavily discounted price of only US$ 50.00 for now. It is a One Time License Fee with no annually recurring fees and you still enjoy a 30 Day money back guarantee.


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